Friday, April 29, 2011


Easter this year for us started early, but we didn't complain :) We colored our eggs at the very begining of April so we could take them down to Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen's.

Abby coloring her egg with the help of dad.
Jaxon and Abby loved coloring their eggs. They did 2 eggs each and just enjoyed every minute of it. As you can see by the way Abby is already banging her eggs together they didn't last very long.

At Grandma and Grandpa's house we hid our colored eggs and then went for an Easter Egg hunt. Jaxon showing off what he found.

Abby still looking for some of her eggs.

She found an egg, but did not want to stick her hand in that poky tree :) But with the help of dad she finally was able to get the egg.

Success!! She got the egg out of the tree.
Jaxon found one of his, but wasn't quite sure how he was going to get it down :) Ryan thought he was pretty clever

Now he is pointing to the egg

With a lot of help he was able to get it down

Abby looking and finding her own eggs

Jaxon and Abby after they found all their eggs and were freezing.

This year Easter weekend we had a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and we just had a great time. It was on Saturday before Easter and it was one of the few nice days we have actually had. Here is Abby getting ready to run!

Jaxon and his friend Krew Grover.

Jaxon looking for some eggs

Jaxon and Katie Fielding

Abby showing off her egg

Abby finding all the pink eggs she could, they were her favorite

Jaxon making sure there were no eggs hidding underneath the rocks.

Abby and Lincoln Abrams

Jaxon with Brigham Klinger, Seth Fielding, Katie Fielding, Jaxon, Payson Abrams, and Zack Smith

Abby and Ryan enjoying the doughnuts afterwards

(in the chairs) Lincoln Abrams, Payson Abrams, Brinley Grover, and Abby, (on the grass) Zach Smith, Zoe Smith and Krew Grover

Abby just relaxing

Jaxon just having a good time

Easter morning, Abby woke up first and found her "princess dress" the Easter Bunny left her

She was so excited, she couldn't wait to put it on

Next came Jaxon and he was more interested in the candy and not the new Sunday clothes!

But he did get a new shirt and tie to wear

Abby in her new dress feeling very much like a princess, doesn't she look beautiful?

Jaxon looking handsome as ever. He was actually too sick to go to church, but he wanted to wear his new church clothes anyway. What a cute kid

Both of my beautiful children. We love them so much.

On top of their new play set. It is only half way done after working most of the day Saturday. They can hardly wait to get to play on it. Jaxon took the latter and Abby took the rock wall to get up to the top. That is very tipical of each of them. When it finally gets finished we'll post more pictures. We had a wonderful Easter and are very thankful for all that our Savior did for us.

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