Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random pictures of the family

Jaxon and Abby dancing while listening to some music. They take after their dad and not me that is for sure.

The human tower

For family home evening in April we took the kids to the museum to see the dinosaurs. They loved it, we could have stayed there all night.
Abby on the horse
Meet Sue, the T-Rex. She was really big and very interesting

Jaxon taking his turn on the horse
Playing dress-up. They really had a great time at the museum

Another shot of Sue
The leg of a long neck dinosaur

This year we did a neighborhood preschool with Abby. We were learning about volcanoes here. They had a lot of fun watching the volcanoes explode. Boston Abrams, Abby, and Ben Klingler
Jaxon lost his first tooth in March!! He was so excited. The funny thing was he did not want to give his tooth to the tooth fairy so we had to write her a note and ask if he could keep the tooth. She agreed and yes we still have his tooth.

It was such a mild winter this year (I'm not complaining) that when it snowed in March Abby and I built out first snow man.
Jaxon has just loved going to school and learning. He is so good to come home and read to Abby. They both really enjoy doing things together. We love them both very much. They are very excited to have a new baby sister, but I think it is going to be a rude awakening for them. Jaxon asked me the other night who was going to put the baby to bed, because there is only 2 of us (me and Ryan) Well I've got news for him, it might be who puts you to bed Jaxon! :) It will be a fun adjustment for us all!!

Let the construction continue

We have been working really hard in the basement to try and finish the two bedrooms and bathroom before the baby comes. It is coming along and with the help of many we will come close, but we'll have to see if it happens. Everyone is excited to have it done that we all are willing to pitch in and do what we can to help. Ryan probably would prefer to work alone, but he is lucky to have lots of helpers.

Easter and Abby's 4th Birthday

Easter 2012
Having fun for family home evening dying our Easter Eggs.

Jaxon and Abby showing off the eggs that they decorated
Our neighborhood has an Easter Egg Hunt every year. We really enjoy finding our eggs. Maybe next year there won't be any snow!
All the kids looking for eggs and Abby showing the egg she just found
getting one out of the tree with the help from dad
Jaxon also getting his share of the eggs. Getting this one out of the tree
Eating breakfast after the hunt. It is a really fun neighborhood tradition
Jaxon and Abby just having fun
After eating malt balls dad taught them how to paint their lips! They had a lot of fun painting
Jaxon in his new Easter clothes. Isn't he handsome!
Abby loves her new Easter dress! She is beautiful

Abby's 4th birthday!!! I can't believe that she is 4 years old. She is so much fun to have in our family. She is all girl and loves everything that is pink and sparkles.

It wouldn't have been complete without the tangled wig. She loves that thing, it is already a mess, but she still loves to wear it and have long, beautiful hair.

It was Abby's year to have a friend birthday party. The cake above was for family and the cake below is what I made for her friend party.

Nothing but pink would do!

These are her friends that we invited to the party. Zoe Smith, Abby, Reagan Byram, Bailey Klingler, and Mabree Searle. They all had so much fun. I have never heard so many high pitched screams and squeals at on time in my life!

The party was a tea party so we gave each of the girls a hat to decorate. They loved it
Isn't she cute!!