Monday, May 16, 2011

kindergarten graduation

Jaxon's kindergarten graduation. Isn't he so cute? It was so fun to go and see him singing and presenting the things that they have learned in his class. Way to go Jaxon!!! We love you

He saw the camera so now he is striking a pose :)

who knows what he is doing here!?!

A letter from his teacher.

His certificate! He did it, now it's on to first grade, I can't believe it. He is growing up too fast.

Jaxon and Mrs. Wilson.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This year I got to go on the kindergarten field-trip. We went to Bear World. Jaxon was so excited. I don't know whether he was more excited to go to Bear World or ride on the school bus for the first time. He kept saying, "this is the BEST day EVER!"

Just some of the animals we saw. Just a little side note, this Elk that you see that is white, is not an albino elk. He does have colored eyes. Kind of interesting.
More elk.

A grizzly bear. They keep the grizzlies seperate and alone. They keep all the black bears together.

Black bears

Black bears in the trees

At the petting zoo. Jaxon wasn't too interested in petting the animals because of all the hair they were shedding.

Baby black bears. They are only 4 months old.

They were fun to watch

We got to pet a black bear. They aren't as soft as I thought they would be. The fir is very course.

Then we got to eat lunch even though everyone was freezing! Jaxon and some of his classmates Jaxon and his friend Rhya Nuffer

In front of Bear World

With some of his friends from his class. We just had a great time and can't wait to go back with Dad and Abby.


Well we finally did it, we got a swing set for the kids to enjoy. But I have to say that I will never, yes you heard me never put one of those together again. :) It took us 3 entire Saturdays to get it done and yes that did include one in the snow! I thought my fingers would fall off. But now it's done and they love it.

This picture is the 2nd Saturday. We had just put the swings on.

Jaxon couldn't wait to see how high he could go!

Abby taking her turn as well. She loves to swing.

Jaxon and Abby swinging and having fun. Notice there is no slide, yet.

Ah, day 3. The slide is on!! Finally finished, and I'll say it again, never again! Jaxon looking out from the top. His first trip down the slide.

Just came out of the slide.

Now it's Abby's turn.