Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well we finally did it, we got a swing set for the kids to enjoy. But I have to say that I will never, yes you heard me never put one of those together again. :) It took us 3 entire Saturdays to get it done and yes that did include one in the snow! I thought my fingers would fall off. But now it's done and they love it.

This picture is the 2nd Saturday. We had just put the swings on.

Jaxon couldn't wait to see how high he could go!

Abby taking her turn as well. She loves to swing.

Jaxon and Abby swinging and having fun. Notice there is no slide, yet.

Ah, day 3. The slide is on!! Finally finished, and I'll say it again, never again! Jaxon looking out from the top. His first trip down the slide.

Just came out of the slide.

Now it's Abby's turn.

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