Thursday, August 12, 2010

These pictures are in here kind of backwards, but that is okay.
Our cute Abby just waiting for her cake!
Finally getting her cake to eat
Jaxon blowing out the candles of his 2nd birthday cake. He got 2 this year because we celebrated early with his cousins and then again on his birthday. This cake is the one on his special day. He thought he was pretty cool to get 2 cakes :)
Blowing out his candles and making a wish.
Singing happy birthday to Jaxon for the 2nd time. He and Abby loved wearing the birthday hats.
This is a picture of his main birthday cake. We had just gone to the airshow and seen the blue Angels so he wanted an airplane cake. We made the runway and put a Blue Angel on the cake. He thought that was way AWESOME!!
Just a close-up of the birthday cake

Opeing presents at Craigo's. We went out for pizza to celebrate his birthday the first time. He thought that was pretty cool.
Toy sotry 3 activities from Abby
Abby watching and wishing it was her birthday and she could open presents.
At Craigo's they brought Jaxon a special treat beacuse it was his birthday. You can tell how special he felt just by looking at his face in the picture.
OPening his gift from grandma and grandpa Ricks

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