Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Periodic Springs. When the water is just starting up. You can see how dry it gets before the water flows again.
Now the water fall is full with the water that comes down. This little gyser is really neat the kids just loved it.

Jaxon and Abby just getting ready to start the hike to see the waterfall that turns on and off.

Jaxon and Abby

Family picture while the falls were dry. We had such a fun day hiking to see the waterfall

Jaxon looking over a rock to try and see where the water went.

Cute picture of Jaxon

Abby doing the same, to be just like her big brother.
addorable picture of Abby

Dad and Jaxon with the waterfall at its fullest

Dad and Abby

Mom and Jaxon

Mom and Abby

Jaxon took this picture, didn't he do a great job? This was such a fun hike the kids wanted to do it again next time we go for a hike.

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