Monday, April 12, 2010

Abby's 2nd birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY!!! I can't believe that my little Abby is 2 years old. We had a wonderful birthday on Sunday, April, 11, 2010.
I made her a ladybug birthday cake. When she first saw it she kept calling it a spider. Once we straightened her out on that she loved her lady bug cake.

It was a lot of fun to make and I thought it turned out pretty good.

Just waiting to open presents.
Opening presents Sunday morning

When our kids turn 2 we give them a bed. She was so excited to get a big girl bed and put the crib away. She also go a bike so now she can go riding with Jaxon when she figures out the peddles. This summer will be a lot of fun.

Showing off her new dress with dad and Jaxon.

And again with mom

On her new bed with Jaxon

posing on her bed. We love Abby so much and look forward to the many more birthdays to come.

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  1. T-your cake looks awesome! Abby is darling and she looks like she's going to be very happy in her new bed. What a fun tradition.