Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunny San Diego

On the pier right outside the condo. It was a windy night and the Pier was moving a lot with the crashing waves. There was a little too much movement for me. :)
San Diego zoo and the wild animal park. We loved the wild animal park. Here we are feeding the birds. That was one of the funnest things we did.

Feeding the birds. Jaxon was having a ball.

Jaxon just loved it. He is holding some nectar and the birds would just go crazy and land all over you to get some food. It was crazy.

On the elephants at the wild animal park.

Jaxon feeding a duck with a red beek. It just came right up to him and started eating.

Giraffes at the wild animal park.

Sitting on the rhino at the wild animal park.

Sea world!!!! We loved sea world. Jaxon with Elmo and Zoe.

Abby just playing in the play area at Sea World. Having a blast.

Grandpa, Jaxon, and Abby ready for the 3-D movie. Sea world.

Abby and Jaxon at the dolphins.

Abby petting the bat rays. She liked playing in the water and touching the slimmy fish. Jaxon was very content to just watch. He was not interested in touching the fish. He really was pretty funny.

Jaxon did like the star-fish though.

The hugh toutises at Sea World.

All of us with the turtles.

Shamu was Jaxons favorite part of the entire trip I think. We went back to Sea World every night to catch the last Shamu show. Jaxon loved watching Shamu.

This is Jaxon and Abby on the front row. Yes I was there too. Shamu started his splashing and I thought he had missed the middle section and was so glad. Then the trainer came up on the platform and asked us if we were ready. I just thought oh no, here it comes. And sure enough it came. Shamu slammed us 3 times right in a row. It was crazy. Thank goodness for a poncho. We had so much fun.

Abby and Jaxon in front of a big shark mouth.

One of the rides at Sea World.

Getting ready to start digging. Jaxon had just a absolutely fun time playing on the beach in sunny San Diego. He enjoyed throwing the ball into the water and watching the waves bring it back to him. Then he found all the sea weed and other fun stuff in the ocean.

Abby was having so much fun. She wasn't sure what to do with all the sand and water then it finally came to her and she just started dancing on the sand then she would run to the water and bend over to put just her head in and then run back to start dancing again.

Both trying to decide whether to enter the cold water or not. Eventually they both did and I could not get them out of it. We had a blast.

Just relaxing in the sun. Jax and Abby loved being on the beach. So did mom. the sun felt wonderful. It sure was a lot warmer than Rigby.

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