Friday, July 8, 2011

summer fun

So summer started out with a bang. We didn't ever really think that summer would arrive, but sure enough it finally did. We went from freezing to burning over night. But I am not complaining I will take the heat anyday.
So Jaxon started T-ball in June and 3 games were cancelled due to weather. But he is really pretty good and enjoys playing.

Since his uniforms were black his team name was the "Vadors" as in Darth Vador. He thought that was pretty cool.

He has a pretty good arm on him. Who knows maybe he will stick with baseball and I will have to learn a new sport.

Also in June was swimming lessons. This was Abby's first year and she was so excited. This was Jaxon's 3rd year and he loves to swim. It is a good thing that the lessons are up at the hot springs because it was a little chilly outside in the begining.

patiently waiting their turn. They were so excited.

Here is Jaxon practicing his kicking and Abby is just getting used to the water.

Abby learning to back float

So the day to look forward to is the last day. They get to go to the "summer pool" and go down the hydro-tube and jump off the diving board. Here is Jaxon just coming out of the tube, he went down all by himself. WAY TO GO!!

Now it was Abby's turn. She loved going down the slide also.

Here goes Jaxon jumping off the diving board.

Abby and her teacher walking back to the warm poole.

After each jump into the water Jaxon swam to the edge all by himself.

For the 4th of July we went down to Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen's. We went on a hike to see Horsetail falls. This is the waterfall. It really was beautifull. It was a bit more of a hike than we had thought, but Jaxon and Abby did an outstanding job. Jaxon hiked the entire way and Abby made it most of the way. We were so proud of them both.

Jaxon and Avery

Abby riding on dad's shoulders

Jaxon, Avery, and Abby

Ethan, Avery, Morgan, Jaxon, and Maddi

trying to decide if we were going to cross the river.

Above the falls Jaxon and Abby found some much needed shade.

Here we all are, above the falls. It was beautiful to look over and see all that water!!

This was the river we crossed and the bridge was just two logs!

But we all made it safe and sound

It really was a fun hike. We had a great 4th of July!

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