Friday, October 15, 2010

Hike to Cave Falls

On our way to cave falls. September 25, 2010. Both Jaxon and Abby were so excited, they love going up to the mountains.

They look so cute, but really they were fighting over who got to lay down on the middle thing.

What a cute girl.
And a handsome boy!
We finally arrived. Not that it is far, but it is always good to get to where you are going.
We stopped to eat lunch first. Doesn't Abby look so excited to be eating?
She just saw a squirl! Now she knows she has someone to feed her lunch to :)
Just playing at the picnic table
Jaxon eating very caustiously because he just found out that the sign said there were bears! He is definatly our careful and safe one.
At least Ryan seems to be enjoying his lunch.
Trying to feed the squirl.
Finally, here we are, CAVE FALLS. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. We have so much beauty right out our back door.
You can see the cave at the side of the falls in this picture. It has caved in so you can't go explore anymore, but the falls is beautiful.
Here it is up close

Taking the walk up to the upper view of the falls
Looking down on the falls

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