Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas morning couldn't have been more fun. We all had a wonderful morning. Ryan couldn't get the video camera working so we were waiting on the top of the stars for what
seemed like forever. Jaxon kept calling down asking if we could come down yet and the answer it seemed was always to just wait a minute. They both loved their new bikes. Abby rode and rode hers all day over everything. Jaxon took his outside for a ride and crashed into a snow pile and fell off so it sits in the guarge until spring, but he looks and touches it everyday. Buzz Lightyear was a hit. (with everyone) He truely was a super Hero saving all the barbies that were in trouble. :) it was pretty funny. Abby loved her princess castle. that had the princess and the frog and the frog is her favorite. Every present that was opened by Abby she would scream and giggle. It was so cute.

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