Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jaxon is so excited to have warm weather finally here. He loves to play outside and with his friends on the big dirt hill by our house. Needless to say we take baths and clean the tub every night. But it is a lot of fun. He absolutely loves sunbeams. We have to sing the sunbeam song every family night and then some. It is fun to be in primary with him. He starts swimming lessons in June and can hardly wait. He is so excited. He can't wait for his birthday party, yes it is not until August but that is all he can talk about. We keep telling him that it is going take a long time if he keeps talking about it, but oh well. He is scheduled to get his tonsils out and tubes put back in both ears on the 21st of May. Hopefully that will fix a lot of problems.

Abby is just as cute as can be. She is crawling, but not interested in walking yet. We put on her squeeky shoes to see if that would peek her interest, and it did, but only in jumping. Now she love to stand near anything she can hold on to and jump up and down. It is pretty funny. When Jaxon goes out to play she just pushes her face up to the screen door and waits for him to come back. She is a daddy's girl thru and thru. Her face lights up every night when Ryan comes home. She is full of personality. Abby had a wonderful birthday, I can't believe she is one already.

We are all doing great. It has been fun to try and join the world of bloggers. We'll see how it all goes.